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Discrepancy between the student's ability and their actual achievement.

Dyslexia - A child who appears to be slow ( a little), average or bright when they are talking to you is struggling to read, spell or cope with mathematics , this may be the strongest indicator that they may be dyslexic. It is very common for dyslexic children to be quite able, especially in the areas of creativity (art, drama, drawing, etc) and physical co-ordination (physical education, swimming, sports, model-making, etc.) but with some difficulty ( takes a longer time to learn) at the starting of new games or procedure. However, there are differences in the neural links in their brain that makes it hard for them to deal with text (and often with numbers) without extra support. A reading age or grade level of two years or more below what you would expect from them is a sign of possible dyslexia.

Family history of learning difficulties.

Dyslexia - Dyslexia is inherited through the genes and also from mild injury and chemicals toxic in the brain and body. The numbers of boys and girls who are dyslexic are roughly the same.

Difficulties with spelling

Spelling is the activity which causes most difficulty for dyslexic children. The observation of spelling errors in short, simple words is the way in which most dyslexic children first come our attention. Examples of words which cause particular difficulty are: any, many, and words start with P and B and D.

Dyslexic children also experience difficulties with 'jumbled spellings'. These are spelling attempts in which all the correct letters are present, but are written in the wrong order, shows that the child is experiencing difficulty with visual memory. Non-dyslexic children and adults often use their visual memory when trying to remember a difficult spelling: they write down two or three possible versions of the word on a spare piece of paper and see which spelling 'looks right'. They are relying on their visual memory to help them, but the visual memory of a dyslexic child may not be adequate for this task.

Confusion over left and right

A fairly quick way to establish this type of confusion is to ask a child to point to your left arm with their right hand.

Writing letters or numbers backwards

You will have noticed some children who mix up 'b' and 'd', or even 'p''q' and the number 9. These letters are the similar in their mirror image, and cause regular confusion for a dyslexic person.

Difficulties with mathematics

One feature of dyslexia is difficulties with sequencing - getting things in the right order. Mathematics depends on sequences of numbers - 2. 4. 6. 8. etc. Whilst many people are aware that dyslexic children and students have problems with reading and spelling, they do not know that maths can also be a real challenge.

Difficulties organizing themselves

Whilst you may quite reasonably think that all children live their lives in a mess, this is particularly so for dyslexic children and students, who may have genuine difficulties with planning and thinking ahead to when a book or pen might be needed next.

Difficulty following 3-step or more instructions

'Go to Mrs. Wood and ask him if Mr.Benz is in school today. Oh, yes, and ask if I can borrow her car later today - such an instruction is just too much! It involves both sequencing and memory skills, and you would be very surprised to see a dyslexic child return with the Toy Car which is a Mercedes Benz made. Dyslexic children love to take messages as much as any other child, but it has to be a less complicated instruction.

No two dyslexic children are exactly alike, and the above symptoms are just an example.

Dyslexia Treatment :

All these can be help and be corrected to normal by Using Chinese Master's Neuro Qi Qong Acupuncture and Herbal Brain powder. The time needed may various from one to another. It may need between 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the severeness of each case. We have been treating over thousands of cases of all different conditions of weakness, all have improved and many are very successful in their life and career.

The Neuro Acupuncture and herbal brain powder will regenerates the brain cells and get them connected between the two side of the brain which will also improve all the Qi flow in the brain.


I have a younger brother that had dyslexia. He have problem in reading and writing. He always mixed up with letter ‘b’ and ‘d’ also ‘p’ and ’q’. His teacher always complained about him at school. My parents don’t know what to do. But, after my parents brought him undergoing THETOLE Acupuncture treatment and taking THETOLE Brain Powder herbal medicine, he was able to differentiate the letters and can write and read fluently. Thank you so much THETOLE Chinese Master!

Zahira, 22, Indonesia.




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