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"Autism Treatment with Chinese Master"
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Autism Research

Autism Research 

Have been going on since 1984 and have good result in treating some up to 90% normal, and why kids gets Autism.

Many Hospital's research head have been associating with us for our research.

More will be release later after the completion of the papers.


" At first, we thought our 4-years-old son had delayed speaking because of his ear problem as he always complained that his ear was pain. So, we brought him to the clinic and the doctor did some minor surgery on his ear to repair the ear structure.

Besides the surgery, the doctor had done speech therapy to our son for about 1 year but still didn’t show any changes. During the therapy period, it has led to the discovery of a serious problem. Our son had been diagnosed to have autism syndrome.

We were very shocked by the news. We didn't expect the speech delay by our son was led to sad news. We thought it was normal. The strange behaviors which shown by our son before such as too obsessed with shiny things and always flapping hand while playing were the symptoms of autism syndrome.

Besides that, the most obvious symptom experienced by our son was no direct eye-contact with everyone. He never gave any response when his name being called. We don’t know how to settle this problem.

One day, we had met up with our old friend and have a chit chat. We told him about our son’s condition. So, he suggested us to bring our son to go and get an acupuncture treatment from a Chinese Master in Kuala Lumpur. He told us that he also often went for acupuncture treatment with the Chinese Master. Chinese Master has opened an acupuncture treatment centre known as THETOLE ACUPUNCTURE-HERBAL MEDICAL CENTRE SDN BHD. We agreed with his suggestion.

The next day, he brought us to meet Chinese Master. There, Chinese Master examined our son and found that our son had Aspergers Syndrome which is a mild type of autism syndrome. Chinese Master told us that our son need to be treated immediately using autism acupuncture treatment because the older the kid, the longer the time taken to cure. He also advised us to give our son his herbal medicine at home called ‘Brain Powder’. This herbal medicine was special made for autism children.

After 5 months our son underwent THETOLE Autism Acupuncture Treatment and taking Brain Powder herbal medicine everyday, all the strange behaviors begun to decrease. He started to response when his name being called. His eye-contact also improved. We glad our friend had introduced to us this very special acupuncture treatment. Thanks mate!

Until today, we still send our son to THETOLE ACUPUNCTURE-HERBAL MEDICAL CENTRE SDN BHD. This because we want our son protected from any diseases. Not only our son, we also had tried the Chinese Master acupuncture treatment too. Thank you so much Master! "

Mr. and Mrs. Chan, Hong Kong.

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